Matthew Hidalgo


My name is Matthew Hidalgo.

I’m a 21 year old college student in my final year at NYU—majoring in Public Policy.

I’ll be joining Cockroach Lab’s sales team in June, as part of the Bowery Capital Sales Fellowship.

I just finished taking a semester off to pursue a six month fellowship in Washington D.C. as a part of Twitter’s Policy team

I was born in NYC to Ecuadorian immigrant parents, and grew up in Orlando, FL.

My career interests include politics (campaigns and policy making), finance/economics, technology, education/mentorship, non-profit/charity work, writing, and entrepreneurship.

My casual interests include reading, writing, all sports (soccer in particular), mountain biking, fitness/nutrition, cooking, and playlist curation.

My political views are always evolving, but I would best describe myself as classical liberal with a contradictory mix of a few left-leaning economic principles, and a few conservative social principles.

I’m best described as ambitious, dedicated, and curious. I thrive in the company of family, friends, and all sorts of people—as the pride of my life is the relationships I build and keep. I am perpetually in a good mood, and have a deep seated love for the em dash.

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