Pulp Fiction: Taboo?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Beliefs, Religion, Society


“That’s the funny thing about religion—it doesn’t matter what you say, you’re going to upset someone. ”

Lewis Black


Different cultures find different things taboo.


Many (if not all) of you are familiar with the Pulp Fiction movie poster.

Here it is below in case you need a refresher:

I was recently hanging out with a few friends at a record store, when we came upon this poster.

One of my friends remarked that he had the poster in his room from a young age.

I was a bit surprised, as there’s no way that my mom would have let me have this poster on the wall—not with a cigarette and pistol featured so prominently.

Three of my other friends agreed—but for a different reason. They said that the main issue their parents would have is with Uma Thurman’s pose and outfit.

It was a bit shocking to me that our parents could have such different reasons for prohibiting this content, but given our cultural differences, it makes sense.

My parents are Latin, and very Americanized at that. People with this background care a bit less about sexual content, but greatly fear drug and violence.

Meanwhile, my other friends are Arab. In that part of the world, sexuality is far more taboo.

I’m of course stereotyping, although I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not your parents would have let your 10 year old self hang up this poster in your room—and if they wouldn’t, why not?


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