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by | Jun 19, 2019 | Life


“The most sophisticated people I know—inside they are all children.”

Jim Henson


I wish to be just like my parents: grown children most of the time, but mature adults when it counts.

I owe it all to my parents.

What I value the most in them is their ability to balance fun and maturity.

What do I mean?

My parents are great at acting like kids enough to remind me to not take everything seriously, but when it’s critical, they know exactly how to step up and be a parent.

My appreciation of their parenting style has only grown with my age.

Everyone can relate I’m sure—when you’re a kid, your parents can come off as dictators (no matter how nice they actually may be).

Your frame of reference for making decisions is so limited, and the patience your parents have for being transparent is equally limited, so you have little insight in to what it means to be raised well.

The older you get, and the closer you are to adult life, you realize what a monumental responsibility it was/is to actually parent a child, and to raise them well.

Considering that being an adult already means: paying for your expenses, working a job, maintaining relationships with friends and significant others—AND now you throw a dependent child in to the mix? Nuts.

I can see why it’s easy to tire yourself out, and grow cynical and mechanical. With the stresses of day to day life, I could picture the progression to broken down, lifeless adult being fairly natural.

Which is why it’s remarkable that there are great parents out there that either have such resilient character, or are great at shielding their children from their own personal feelings (or both) that they don’t have a clue as to how tough it is to manage a family and a career.

Maybe I won’t fully understand it until I have children myself. I suppose there’s a reciprocity here—children are so innocent and joyful that you can’t help but rediscover the child within when you interact with them.


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