Why Art?

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Life


“Everybody draws when they’re little.”

Keith Haring


Why do I create art? So that I can never grow up.

people always ask me what inspired me to pick up a paint brush in February out of nowhere and give it a go after so many years of being a writer.

this is it. (cartwheel, handstand, and split)

the playfulness and simplicity of my niece’s art gave me the confidence and joy to grow my own childlike style.

to this day, my art is primarily for an audience of two:

  1. myself, as I use my pieces as a visual journal for the highs and lows and interests in my life.
  2. my niece, because I live for the joy and amazement she gets when she sees my silly works.

this picture here (idea faucet) is how I feel like around her.

above all, I do its because it’s fun, and I want to bring more color and less seriousness to the world.

I was fortunate enough to be raised by a very loving and supportive family, and have also been blessed with the best set of friends and mentors—all resulting in an endless happiness that brims out of my heart each and everyday.

to create my art is the least I can do to give back, and share my happiness with the world.

the day you see any sort of maturation or real technical process in my art—please stop me. 🤷‍♂️

p.s. because of the hectic nature of my life now, I will move towards a bi-weekly publishing schedule. Want to make sure I’m still giving you quality posts that aren’t rushed.


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